Volatile Artifacts

This site holds pictures not saved on Insurgency servers. This means they may disappear for no reason. Do not worry, this is normal. If you wish to add to this side look at the Site source to get an example on how to do it. A tutorial regarding this is planed for the future.

Wikimedia has a button called "Use on the Web". Click that button and choose file-url, for the URL used in the linking of the file.

Currently this site is only tested with CC0 images from Wikimedia Commons. That means attribution for the images is not legally required. Please denote that the Image is CC0 and you have it from here, if you choose to use it. It really saves staff time in the checking.

Just because it is here does not mean that a member of staff checked the validity of the license or the image being here. It (hopefully) does contain user found content.

: https://UseOnWeb.jpg size="small" title=", from Wikimedia" alt="site to click on to not just get the image"
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